Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

These are complex chemical compounds based on proprietary comination of metals (Ba/Cd/Zn/Pb/K etc.) and other additives and are available ti the calendaring, Extrusion injection modling and plastisol coating industries for flexible/semi rigid PVC applications. Depending upon the user requirements and the end use they are available in categories as highly efficient all purpose to general-purpose non-critical application stabilizers or stabilizer/kicker (activator).

Lead based Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

Grade Metals Form Application
ASC 301 Ba/Zn Liquid Artificial leather cloth, Vinyl flooring, Wall coverings, transparent calendaring, PVC footwear compounds.
ASC 302 Ba/Zn Liquid Top coat of Artificial leather cloth, Vinyl flooring, Wall civerings, transparent calendaring, footwear.
ASC 303 Ca/Zn Paste Toys, plastisols medical tubings, leather cloth.
ASC 304 Ca/Zn Liquid Artificial leather cloth for exports, medical products.
ASC 305 Ba/Cd Liquid Highly efficient all purpose stabilizer for processing PVC at high temp. Requiring good clarity.
ASC 306 Ba/Cd/Zn Liquid Calendaring applications with good heat stability and better plate out resistance & weatheability.
ASC 307 K/Zn Liquid Non toxic fast action kicker for cellular PVC.
ASC 307a Ba/Zn Liquid Slow action activator for foam ;eather cloth
ASC308 Cd/Zn Liquid Stabilizer kicker for mid layer plastisol coatings.
ASC308a Zn Liquid Non toxic kicker for Footwear, articial Leather cloth
ASC309 Ba/Pb Liquid Stabilizer for extrusion of reinforced suction hose
ASC310 Lead Liquid Lead Lead stabilizer in liquid form for PVC Pipes, profiles, fittings,injection molded compounds.