Associated Stabplast & Chemicals (ASC) was established in the year 1970 and is the subsidiary of the parent "Tanwar Rajput & co" established in 1962 & pioneer in the manufacture of Zinc Oxide in India. From inception throughout its journey till today company has acquired an exponential growth & today we are the most trusted name in PVC stabilizers business and our products are very well accepted by leading manufacturers of PVC industry.


ASC has broad based operations manufacturing Metallic Stearates, Metal Oxides and a complete range of PVC stabilizers, having 5 production facilities and well developed R & D, quality control laboratory with annual capacity of 10,000 MT of oxides & 15,000 MT of Metallic Stearates & PVC stabilizers In ASC's technical resources there are well experienced technocrats having huge experience in the various industries served.

The group's proactive research & product development directions track down the every new possibility to achieve the constant innovation of our products so as to give individual customers desired products. Company has sales network all over India to give the immediate services in all the regions.


Company's commitments to total quality assurance, continual improvement & total customer satisfaction have been stamped by ISO 9001:2015, REACH Compliant & GMP Compliant certification that confirms its extensive work in quality assurance system, operations & approaches. We firmly believe quality is not an event but a journey. Rather, it is a mind-set. In line with this belief, our quality control does not begin and end in the laboratory. We have made consistent efforts to percolate the quality culture right from top managementto the plant operator levels. The journey begins with strict quality checks for the raw material used, proceeds to the in-process testings, analytical testing of finished products and finally the application tests for the performance products.


Company wish to further exploit our core competence and compete in global market, we are open for new opportunities to grow fast with strategic tie ups with reputed global manufacturers there by provide latest products to customers. In view of the latest trend of moving away from heavy metal based additive systems we have already launched one pack systems based on Ca/Zn & organic based stabilizers. Constant research and innovation is going on for the same so as to achieve highest standard of environmental protection and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Corporate policy

ASC is very sensitive to the client's needs and committed to provide prompt & efficient services to the customer in today's competitive market so as to build mutually beneficial long term business relationship. Our policy is to be technologically savvy, Customer centric and committed to excellence.

Our Products

One Pack Stabilizers
( Flake / Powder )

Lead Singles
Commodity Stabilizers

Metallic Stearates , Oxides &
Flame Retardant Chemicals

Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

Organo Tin Stabilizers

Non Toxic Stabilizers